The perfect solution for your in-store Tv Channel ! "Dynamic display & Brand TV"

Easy to use

Updated Daily

100% Legal

High Resolution Image

Format Landscape: Entertainment and Promotion

Show your business to the world by broadcasting video clips based on your know-how, music videos, promotional info, widgets …

Everything is now possible with COLORS – sound and video design agency technology.

Format Portrait: To inform

Communicate, promote.
This technology, placed strategically on the route clients take or in your axes of circulation, is a formidable tool of communication. You can even add open-data information for a better service: traffic info, weather, stock exchange, information flow …

Distribute attractive content in your in-store Tv Channel!

Create your in-store Tv Channel: music clips, business clips, audio branding, spots or banner ads adapted to your brand. Local information, reports, promoting the values of your brand, you can do it all.
Enhance your sales concept by delivering attractive, engaging and interactive content.
Our technology allows us to program scenarios of promotional displays overprinting the image, an innovation in today's communication.

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An innovative video marketing solution to create your personalized in-store TV channel.