About Us

Coming from the world of engineering, communication and media, our team has been working in the digital world for nearly 15 years. 

We are an agency specialized in sound and video marketing, as well as audio branding and everything related with video design. We felt from the beginning of the 2000s that the world of media was going to be transformed and that the communication of the brands was changing. We want to empower your sound identity and give your brand the type of visual and sound identity that it deserves.

We have led numerous sound and video design projects: support in the digital transformation of customers in the banking or retail sector, dynamic display of theaters, outdoor networks for the regional press …

COLORS is constantly innovating, as demonstrated by our launch in 2004 of the first branded Webradios and streaming technologies.

We have a “Digital First” philosophy.

We offer our clients services regarding communication tools, sound marketing, sound design, video design, video channels, audio branding and, more generally, the production and distribution of their branded content at points of sale and on the Internet.

COLORS is a diffuser in instore, outdoor and branded channels. 

To meet the flexibility demanded by our customers, to be perfectly reactive, to optimize the deployment time of the projects and avoid the additional costs, we have invested in our own streaming digital broadcasting platform.

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In order to fully master the process, we have also developed our Players.


Our Players ColorsBox are designed and manufactured in France for increased quality and reliability on your video marketing and video design campaigns. Our challenge, zero defects!


Our digital tools, simple to use, open and interactive, give you the keys to a new communication, whether by video or sound. Let us do your sound and video design and identity.


Plan, publish, distribute your content on screens, via the sound system of your stores or on the internet. Develop your own media, let us design your sound and take care of your sound and video marketing!


Our Producers, Creatives and Sound Designers are there to bring to your brands a new dimension, a new space of expression. We create your own audio and video marketing campaigns!

COLORS proposes to create a new in-store sound marketing experience, which goes far beyond the mere distribution of mp3 playlist or graphic animations.
Innovate, create concepts, promote your video design marketing campaigns, revive the emotional around your brand, this is the challenge that we propose to meet with you.

Join us, we are ready to work with you!