Sound and Video Marketing Consulting

Created in 2004, COLORS is an independent agency specialized in sound and video marketing, as well as sound and video design.
COLORS combines artistic quality, audio and video branding, technological expertise and design thinking to provide you with the best service possible.

Create new sensory experiences at the point of sale

It is important to propose new concepts in the creation of Sound and Visual design environments.

We think, create and broadcast sound atmospheres, branded webradios and dynamic display content. Today, we go further and propose new ideas, that produce more impact on your customers.

Our technology allows you to take a step forward with the creation of branded programs for budgets totally in tune with the market. The screens installed on-site are transformed into diffusers of interactive information, but also into decorative elements. What was difficult to envision yesterday is today a reality thanks to our developments and our constant search for innovation.

COLORS brings you the essential know-how: communication agency, content producer, IT services company and digital media distributor.

You will find here something unique, whether you need sound and video marketing services or the successful integration of a new digital sound and video strategy for your company, we are at your disposal to take care of your communication.

Native Innovation

In an increasingly connected world, where technologies evolve even faster, we think and live innovation to offer you with the best sound and video design solutions that are reliable, scalable and easy to implement.

Collaborative Approach

We believe in collective intelligence: consultants, creatives and technical experts in sound and video marketing that work together from the start of your project. We offer you agility, speed and relevance in tailor-made creation of your own media.